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Aloha and Welcome to Honolulu Airport Taxi Service Website

This website was created  to assist and advise you for all of your Ground Transportation Needs in Honolulu during your vacation time.

There are four companies that can fill your transportation needs and so please choose the best one that fits your needs the best. The four companies are Royal Hawaiian Taxi, Honolulu  Airport Shuttle, Royal Hawaiian Tour, and Honolulu Airport Limo. Please review the various companies’ discounted packages carefully via link that is on the left-hand side of this page. When you find a package that fits your needs the best, please contact that company directly.


All of these companies provide a  great service to visitors to the beautiful island of Oahu.  The packages are all discounted to over 50% because of online advertising but the quality of the services are still the best.  We would like to give you this opportunity to take advantage of our PRIVATE CHAUFFEUR SERVICE by paying less than what regular street taxi cabs charge or price of airport shuttle buses. If you are coming in group of more than 2, you will be paying even less than the standard shuttle bus price and still receive this great private chauffeur service.

We also verify that the selected companies above are all Legal and  Registered with the state of Hawaii.

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CLICK HEREhttp://www.royalhawaiiantour.com

Discounted VIP Class Tour + Free Gift

Honolulu Airport Shuttlehttp://www.HonoluluAirportShuttle.com
Honolulu Airport Limohttp://www.HonoluluAirportLimo.com
Royal Hawaiian Taxihttp://www.royalhawaiiantaxi.com
Royal Hawaiian Tourhttp://www.royalhawaiiantour.com